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Pearl Rush Coin focus on the digitization of businesses, Staking, and Wealth creation and asset digitization and a Leading Decentralized Ecosystem in DeFi and Stake Sharing, real estate, e-commerce, media, transportation, e-banking etc. Generate passive daily income with your business, assets and liabilities with PRC tokens

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The best white label DeFi wallet development services

Are you looking for a white label wallet solution to reduce the development time and cost of your crypto wallet? If yes, partner with Antier Solutions. We are a reliable blockchain development company known for our white label DeFi wallet development solutions. Our white label wallet is fortified with high-grade security, self-explanatory interface and the following features to enable secure and seamless transfer of funds:

How to Choose the Right DeFi Wallet

DeFi wallets have continually and steadily increased in number in the past couple of years. As they increase, it is harder for cryptocurrency and digital asset enthusiasts to determine the best solution and what will work for them. Among the numerous choices developers have available, users need to analyze all the different DeFi wallet traits before purchasing carefully.

The Top 5 Cryptocurrencies in 2022

Last year, there were several highs and lows for top cryptos such as Ethereum and Bitcoin, which both reached all-time high values of more than $4,460 and $65,000, respectively. Several other stablecoins and virtual currencies grew their market cap and made new records. However, there’s no denying it. Most cryptocurrencies are having a bad start to 2022 so far. Many of the leading digital assets in the world are falling into bear-market territories.

How to Choose NFTs to Invest in NFTs

During the global pandemic, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) exploded in popularity, leading to many investors and traders wondering how they could get their hands on them. Speculators, collectors and artists alike have joined the bandwagon as digital assets and cryptos have significantly increased in price.

Blockchain for the IoT in Business

Blockchain is a common circulated information base for shared exchange. The center of this innovation is bitcoin - a carefully scrambled wallet for controlling exchange and installment framework which was presented in 2009. This exchange the executives framework is decentralized and for the most part runs with practically no delegate. These exchanges are embraced by a bunch of organization hubs and reported in a mutual record known as blockchain. 

What is Ethereum and how does it work?

Ethereum is a distributed ledger, i.e., a decentralized computing platform. It differs from a computer or PC as this computing platform does not run on a single device. Instead, it runs on a network of computers across the globe, meaning no one can really enjoy the ownership.

What is an IEO?

The number of projects in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space is increasing on a daily basis. With the development of new DeFi protocols and concepts like NFTs and Metaverse, there is a surge in the number of companies taking their ideas on-chain. Every platform requires proper funding to keep the team supported and for marketing and proper operation. Also, funds are needed to keep the developers and community members engaged. Instead of depending on donations from generous asset holders, the projects tend to raise funds externally through initial offerings.

Everything you need to know about NFTs

Bitcoin was created with the intention to introduce the concept of trustless, digital scarcity. With the advent of blockchain technology, bringing digital scarcity to real-world assets became possible by mapping them to digital assets. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are an expansion of the idea of bringing programmable digital scarcity in real-time assets. NFTs often called crypto-collectibles are cryptographic assets on the blockchain network with unique metadata and identification codes, making each token unique and limitless. 

How to Profit From a Crypto Bull Run

How To Profit

DeFi vs Centralized Finance

A great way to better understand how decentralized finance differs from centralized finance, is by using ledgers as an example. We now know that a ledger is a synchronized database shared among a network of systems. This is how DeFi achieves decentralization, but what about centralized finance? With centralized finance, rather than a ledger being distributed among a network of systems across the globe. A centralized ledger is instead distributed among a network of systems that exist only within a certain location. For example, think of a local bank, in order to access the information to your bank account. You must go to the bank for the information. This ledger exists in one central location, making it a centralized ledger.