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The company brings the crypto community together on one platform, offering brand and product benefits to crypto businesses, intel for investors, and education courses for the crypto curious 

What do you need to know about paying taxes on your cryptocurrency’s transaction?

Many people have been enthralled with cryptocurrency in recent years and the amazing returns that it is sometimes able to provide. However, you should know that your gains in cryptocurrency are taxed, just as your gains in any other asset that you might invest in are. Cryptocurrency gains are taxed, but you need to know more than that. We’re going to give you the information that you need to ensure you report your cryptocurrency taxes correctly and that you don’t get into trouble for reporting them incorrectly. 

Investing in crypto requires patience to succeed

Many people are fascinated with investing in cryptocurrency, just as many are obsessed with investing in the regular US stock market. It’s true that investing in cryptocurrency can be very fun and profitable, when done correctly and with a little added luck. However, investing in cryptocurrency can just as easily go bad as it can go easy if you don’t follow the right set of steps and best practices when you start to invest in cryptocurrency. 

Blockchain beyond cryptocurrency: Will it disrupt other industries?

While many people engage in the cryptocurrency craze, many others are looking not to cryptocurrency as the most important technological advancement to come out of the crypto gold rush, but blockchain instead. Blockchain technology is the hot new technology that everyone is talking about. 

DeFi vs Traditional finance: What you should know

If you are like many thousands of people from around the world, you are probably intrigued by the many decentralized finance projects that are coming to light in recent weeks. DeFi is one of the most captivating concepts to take the financial world by storm in recent memory. Although, we shouldn’t be completely surprised by this. Cryptocurrency in general is meant to give more power to the people. However, it’s what DeFi is doing with that concept and the lengths they are going to in order to prove it that is what is so amazing. 

Cryptocurrency vs the traditional stock market. Why should you consider investing in the crypto market, and where to start?

The crypto beginner: How to get your feet wet

Have you been hearing about the cryptocurrency craze and want to know how to get started and enjoy the benefits of cryptocurrency? If so, you are certainly not alone. People from all around the world are scrambling to get a piece of the action when it comes to cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is an extremely exciting concept, but you must take caution to use it safely. If you don’t, you could end up in a bad situation financially and more importantly, it could turn off your interest in this revolutionary asset before you even get too deep into the benefits of owning and using cryptocurrency.