How to Profit From a Crypto Bull Run

How To Profit

DeFi vs Centralized Finance

A great way to better understand how decentralized finance differs from centralized finance, is by using ledgers as an example. We now know that a ledger is a synchronized database shared among a network of systems. This is how DeFi achieves decentralization, but what about centralized finance? With centralized finance, rather than a ledger being distributed among a network of systems across the globe. A centralized ledger is instead distributed among a network of systems that exist only within a certain location. For example, think of a local bank, in order to access the information to your bank account. You must go to the bank for the information. This ledger exists in one central location, making it a centralized ledger.

How to Get Started With Crypto

Spendable Crypto is the New Digital Currency

3 Reasons to Invest in Crypto

The crypto market has taken the world by storm, especially as new technologies that utilize blockchain emerge. This increased popularity has caused many people to become unsure of whether they should hop on board with crypto or not. Such a controversial topic deserves to be explored in depth. If you are still on the fence about crypto, this is the article for you.

How Blockchain is Creating New Industries

How Blockchain is Creating New Industries

How Blockchain is Changing Your Life

The emergence of cryptocurrencies and NFTs has shed light on a powerful new technology. This new technology is taking governments and the world by storm, the name of this technology is… blockchain. With blockchain technology being utilized in new ways every day, the power of decentralization is directed towards individuals. A major paradigm shift generated by blockchain is crypto, which allows individuals to stash money in digital wallets as cryptocurrency. This leads us to the first, and arguably the most important utilization of blockchain thus far.

How to Become a Blockchain Expert

With the emergence of a new technology called blockchain, many new industries are emerging. These industries include cryptocurrency, NFTs, and decentralized apps, while the list continues to grow each day. All of these industries are adding to the demand for individuals who understand blockchain. Anyone who is searching for an opportunity to work in an emerging tech industry, should look no further than blockchain.

How To Make Safer Crypto Investments

While cryptocurrency continues to position itself as a viable investment choice, the volatility of these investments remains constant. With the amount of publicity surrounding crypto, this has  peaked the interest of wide-eyed investors. However, it is important for these new investors to understand what they’re getting into before they begin. The contents of this article should be taken into consideration before any major crypto investments are made.