How to Choose the Right DeFi Wallet

DeFi wallets have continually and steadily increased in number in the past couple of years. As they increase, it is harder for cryptocurrency and digital asset enthusiasts to determine the best solution and what will work for them. Among the numerous choices developers have available, users need to analyze all the different DeFi wallet traits before purchasing carefully.

The Top 5 Cryptocurrencies in 2022

Last year, there were several highs and lows for top cryptos such as Ethereum and Bitcoin, which both reached all-time high values of more than $4,460 and $65,000, respectively. Several other stablecoins and virtual currencies grew their market cap and made new records. However, there’s no denying it. Most cryptocurrencies are having a bad start to 2022 so far. Many of the leading digital assets in the world are falling into bear-market territories.

How to Choose NFTs to Invest in NFTs

During the global pandemic, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) exploded in popularity, leading to many investors and traders wondering how they could get their hands on them. Speculators, collectors and artists alike have joined the bandwagon as digital assets and cryptos have significantly increased in price.