Pearl Rush Coin

Pearl Rush Coin focus on the digitization of businesses, Staking, and Wealth creation and asset digitization and a Leading Decentralized Ecosystem in DeFi and Stake Sharing, real estate, e-commerce, media, transportation, e-banking etc. Generate passive daily income with your business, assets and liabilities with PRC tokens

The  digitization of businesses especially agricultural business and farm produce globally. Also we with the power of crypto currency to give back to the farmers in the local village by giving a true value of the farm produce globally . Also playing a vital role in the agric-chain space in Africa  In the following areas:  1) research, seeds and crops improvement and partnership with key shareholders in the industry.

While in the real estate, our core aim is making housing affordable to the common man by providing housing at an affordable rate using the power of crypto currency. In-which this vision will be power by our propose crypto currency by which every holder of our coin can rent a house with us as lower as possible  and also owners of houses who holders our coin can get more value from such property as an asset.

Stake, and Wealth creation and asset digitization. In addition, to asset digitization, the planned goal is providing quality housing at an affordable price using the power of 21st-century money in the real estate industry. ” cryptocurrency” made available by the power of blockchain. Also bringing agriculture services in the blockchain space and giving the local farmers the actual value of the farm produces across Africa.

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unwana edem


A pastor with Assemblies of God, church and a crypto trader.


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