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There is no doubt that the production and use of energy from its multiple sources

causes environmental pollution of all kinds with a negative impact

on the components of the basic environment air, water, land

and this causes a serious defect in these components,

and this pollution also causes many risks to human health as a result of contamination of food and water sources.

From energy sources, crude oil and its derivatives, natural gas, coal, hydropower, nuclear energy, and there are new sources such as solar energy, industrial fuels, geothermal heat.

Natural gas:

Natural gas is less polluted in use than other sources when fully burned,

resulting in the production of water and carbon dioxide instead of toxic carbon monoxide gas and contains very small amounts of impurities that can be separated at low cost,

the amounts of sulfur oxides resulting from it are very small for other sources of fossil fuels. When natural gas is burned at a very high temperature to produce electricity,

it produces quantities of nitrogen oxides and heat pollution is lower due to combustion efficiency and is, therefore, less polluted than other sources.

Crude oil and its derivatives:

Crude oil is not always used in very few cases,

but the most common use of its various oil derivatives,

including gasoline and fuel oil, is also considered a major source of environmental pollution,
and fuel oil is used in the production of electricity and cover the fuel needs of industries and because of the high costs of separating sulfur,

it is burned directly, resulting in the emission of large quantities of sulfur oxides into the atmosphere.

Gasoline used in internal combustion equipment emits a large number of dangerous pollutants such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides lead, hydrocarbons.


Coal is an energy source that causes a very large proportion of environmental pollution, resulting in distortion of areas, flying of microbodies in the air, drinking pollutants into groundwater and collapsing mines, burning acaciadalpret, carbon monoxide, and hydrocarbons, as well as producing fine objects such as soot, dust, solids, and waste left over from burning.


Hydropower pollution affects organisms in rivers due to dam construction and the resulting heat pollution is very small and dam construction is a type of environmental pollution because it distorts the views of picturesque valleys.

Nuclear energy:

Nuclear energy is one of the most frequent sources of environmental and radiological pollution due to significant risks to humans and the surrounding environment.

Radiation pollution is produced by the exploitation of nuclear energy and radiation pollution from nuclear energy takes many forms, including solid, liquid, and gas,

where liquid pollution occurs from the dumping of water containing small amounts of radioactive minerals in rivers,

gas pollutants resulting from the containment of fumes of certain substances resulting from fission processes and the release of gases from smoke plumes and mixing in the atmosphere Atmospheric,

solid pollutants come from two sources,

the first by collecting radioactive metals in water and gases and mixed with cement and the second are uranium plumes used as fuel in the nuclear reactor and replaced daily.

New sources:

Industrial fuels produced from coal and rocks,

solar energy are characterized by cleanliness

and affect the environment in exploiting vast areas of land to build mirrors to collect sunlight to benefit from it in various uses, pollution from industrial fuels and coal leads to heat pollution and leakage of pollutants to groundwater.

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Energy sources result in three types of pollution, air pollution, water pollution, and ground pollution.

Sustainable Energy.white paper

Sustainable energy is an alternative term for renewable energy and renewable energy sources sun, wind, tides as these sources can be relied upon to generate electricity and provide energy to various systems and used by scientists in some heating and cooling processes and until recently they were highly expensive compared to current fossil fuel-based energy sources such as oil, coal and natural gas, but in recent years there has been a marked decrease in the cost of production and expansion of their use as a result of the support of many governments Global research companies and sustainable energy-based projects.

Moderate amounts of wind and solar energy, intermittent sources of energy, can be integrated into the electrical grid without additional infrastructure such as grid storage, generating 7.5 percent of electricity worldwide in 2018, and from 2019 wind, solar and battery costs are expected to continue to decline.

Renewable energy sources:

Renewable energy technologies are a major contributor to sustainable energy, contributing in general to global energy security, reducing the reliance on fossil fuel resources, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The term renewable energy refers to energy from naturally replenished sources, and renewable energy projects sometimes raise clear sustainability concerns such as the threat of biodiversity when areas of high environmental value are transformed to produce bioenergy, wind, or solar farms.

Hydroelectric power is one of the largest renewable sources of electricity, with wind and solar energy growing at a very fast pace, solar energy from photovoltaics and wind power from ground plants the cheapest 

modern form of hydroelectric power generation in most of the country, more than half of the 770 million people currently without electricity. Renewable energy solutions constitute decentralization and small grids.

Sustainable energy strategies. Sustainable energy strategies contain two pillars: Cleaner ways of producing... Energy conservation.

The importance of sustainable energy. Sustainable energy technologies are deployed to generate electricity, heat and cool buildings, energy transmission systems, and machinery. When referring to methods of energy production, the term sustainable energy is used in exchange with the term renewable energy. Is sustainable energy entirely dependable? Sustainable energy can be entirely relied upon, as resources are available at times the world's need.

The world's electric car industry

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China ranks first in the world's electric car industry, with the New China Electric Car Manufacturing Company receiving European approval for the IS8 electric SUV as it is easily sold in Europe.

The New China Electric Car Company can sell its electric cars in Europe, Canada, and Norway, taking into account certain things when putting this type of car on the world market, and the Chinese company has aimed to promote it as a first destination for putting its electric cars on the world market alongside the world's known car brands.

porche car

Norway has been partnered with the New China Electric Car Manufacturing Company since 2018 since Norway's Sovereign Fund provided critical support to the automaker, and Norway is one of the most friendly countries in Europe.

Germany, Turkey, Japan, France, Korea, and America are also highly developed electric car manufacturers and rely more heavily on the large domestic market than on exports.

Interest in electric vehicles has continued to emerge and disappear as a result of the high cost of manufacturing the car, leaving people away from its high cost, but as time progresses and the environmental pollution caused by energy and its sources, electric vehicles have emerged in recent years with a strong desire to spread them.

China relies on lithium-ion electric vehicles, which have gained considerable experience in the manufacture of these types of batteries and are hoping to enter the world market, depending on their operating licenses and, in particular, on the manufacture of high-priced batteries in 2010.

 electric car

Most European automobile companies have taken the path of developing hydrogen-gas fuel cells because lithium-ion batteries and machinery need eight hours to recharge the battery, plus the high cost and weight of these batteries. Preliminary tests on electric cars running with fuel cells have shown that it takes only 3 minutes to charge the car with hydrogen.

The price of an electric car is more than the price of gasoline or diesel-powered vehicle because of expensive battery materials, and universities are trying to use less expensive and more efficient alternative materials. The market for electric vehicles in the world is evolving considerably, especially after the permanent licensing decision to eliminate temporary licenses, and their demand has increased relatively, especially since the price of maintenance has increased.

Companies manufacturing electric cars:

The U.S. company Tesla has a market value of $760.8 billion. Car deliveries during the first half of 2021 amounted to 386,181 electric vehicles, compared to 499,550 electric vehicles during 2020.

NIO has a market value of $61.5 billion and deliveries in the first half of 2021 amounted to 41,956 electric vehicles, compared to 43,728 delivered in 2020.

Lucid Motors is third with a market value of $37.2 billion.

China's XPeng ranks fourth with a market value of $33.4 billion. Deliveries in the first half of 2021 were about 30,738 electric vehicles, compared to 27,041 deliveries in 2020.

China's Li Auto is in fifth place with a market value of $30 billion. Deliveries in the first half of 2021 were about 30,154 electric vehicles, compared to 32,624 in 2020.

Proposed solutions to save expensive batteries. Battery recharging for cars and light poles at lower cost with high-efficiency results in saving energy and reducing the use of energy sources that result in pollution to the environment and society.


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Lithium is a chemical element with the symbol Li and its atomic number 3. Lithium is located in the atomic table within the elements of the second cycle. In the first group, as the first alkaline metals, pure lithium is a silvery-white metal that is soft and light as it is the least dense metal between the solid chemical elements under standard pressure and temperature conditions.

The result of the large chemical activity of the lithium element is not found in nature in its free image, so it is usually preserved within a medium of metal oil at room temperature and in a completely dry medium, lithium remains for a relatively long time before it becomes lithium nitride as a result of its interaction with air nitrogen, in the humid medium, a gray layer of lithium hydroxide, like other alkali metals, forms on the surface of pure lithium and also reacts violently to water. Lithium is also found with few salts in mineral waters as well as in the human body. It should be noted that it does not belong to the essential nutrient category as it is not vital.

Some lithium salts, such as carbonate, have a pathological effect and are used in lithium therapy for neurological disorders such as obsession, depression, and bipolar disorder.

Light columns and solar detectors. Solar scanners offer excellent solutions to solving illumination problems, as they rely on sunlight as an inexpensive power source and operate using a light sensor to automatically operate the reagent at sunset. The battery is recharged by a set of crystal solar panels that are foldable 3-watt and are coated in a powerful solar casing.

Components of the scanners and solar light columns. Solar detectors consist of 4 basic components:

Lidd radiators:

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Solar light columns are available in different types and sizes from 4 watts to 100 watts to meet different requirements.

By comparing the efficiency of traditional halogen lamps with an efficiency of not more than 16 lumens per watt, that is, LID radiators are given 7 times as much light as conventional lumps with a lifespan of more than 50000 hours as LID radiators are available in multiple light colors depending on the design of the required site format.

 lighting house
Solar panel:

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Through this system, the light panels are installed above the column structure, there are two types of panels, which are single-crystal and multi-crystal, and there is no significant difference between the use of Mono or Poly panels in terms of space-saving or panel productivity.


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The control unit charges the batteries.

The control module must be at a suitable capacity to control closing and opening at sunrise and sunset or depending on the user's programming by time, as well as to control the intensity of lighting for several stages after the closure by the ease of programming as well as the high efficiency of charging and unloading.


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It is the most expensive component of light columns in conventional systems that use solar power batteries (Deep CycleButtery).

Modern systems are based on Lithium batteries installed within the lighting unit itself.

The battery size is designed based on a storage capacity of at least 10 hours.

Solar scanners and light columns:

Solar scanners are a means of obtaining light at no cost, and the cost of solar light columns is equal to the cost of the normal shaft, taking into account the cost of a network and control systems between conventional columns that are not needed in solar-powered columns.

 solar plume

= = Life = = The default life of a solar plume is times that of a leather plug.

Reduce daily operating and maintenance costs.

The lack of cables connecting the columns does not impede any maintenance or excavation of any other works on the road.

Power outages don't affect street lighting.

The default life is long for all components of the system.

No monthly electricity bills.

It's a better source of lighting because LED lamps are characterized by quiet, non-resonant white light and more light than sodium lamps, which are only 50000 hours old.

Environmentally friendly because of its 100% reliance on solar energy, the solar panels of the street light columns reduce petroleum fuel consumption, thereby reducing pollution and reducing Co2 emissions.

The operation and closure are controlled by a sense of daylight or by pretimer control, which makes the system automated without any contagious interference.

It's very suitable for undeveloped areas because this system operates completely independently of the electricity grid.

It's very suitable to illuminate already existing roads and projects as it doesn't need to drill and crack asphalt to deliver electrical cables if used, resulting in cost savings for the pillar infrastructure of cables, drills, and backfires.

It's not affected by the power outage.

Eco-friendly and easy to install.

It does not attract insects, unlike traditional lamps, which attract insects around the light because lion radiators do not produce infrared radiation.

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Recharging old batteries:

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A battery is a device consisting of one or more electrochemical cells with external connections to operate electrical devices such as light bulbs, electric cars, and mobile phones.

Because of the great cost to countries of making new batteries for their uses, another new and modern method is to recharge the electric batteries again. The batteries here are meant to be large-scale, which are used in heavy equipment, telecommunications companies, shipping, and port sectors.

Companies have a high cost of making battery deals every short time, where they extract lead and copper from the battery and sell it back, and batteries can't be used again, so there's an idea to recharge old batteries again and operate with excellent efficiency at a lower cost than buying modern batteries.

Battery types:

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Lead-acid batteries account for about 75% of the world's battery market.

Lithium batteries.

Solid batteries.

huge truck

The acid lead battery invented by French physicist Gaston Plante in 1859 is the oldest type of rechargeable battery. Although there is very low energy and weight ratio and a low energy-to-volume ratio, its ability to provide high-altitude currents means that cells have a relatively high energy-to-weight ratio. These features, together with the low cost, make it attractive for use in cars to provide the top-current that start-up engines require.

How to complete the shipment:

A battery test is performed in storage before being shipped to the plant via a particular device.

This selection has a success rate of at least 95% of the inbound batteries manufactured.

Maintenance of the battery begins by placing a specific acid on it, then plugging the battery into the machine and running a suitable software program according to its problem.

The battery comes out with a warranty period decided by the manufacturer, which is not customary under maintenance.

The battery works for several years again just like the new battery.

Batteries can be recharged again depending on the battery's life expectancy.

The old battery recharge project is very important for a certain category of sectors that have a very high cost in purchasing new batteries, such as the communications sector that they use for towers and power plants, alternative energy sectors such as solar power plants, defense and interior ministries that use them for equipment and installations, the banking sector and use them in Data Center, the shipping sector and ports and use them through forklifts.

 huge truck

New battery prices:

Electric vehicle battery ranges from $250.

One battery for communications towers is about 220 dollars.

The forklift battery is about 10: 40,000 dollars.

Proposed solutions to solve the crisis of purchasing new batteries at a high cost:

The old battery recharging project is very affordable because of the high cost it provides in purchasing new batteries and it saves the sectors using large-sized batteries a very high cost. The old battery recharging project reduces the phenomenon of environmental pollution as a result of the harmful effects of throwing old batteries and not using them again.

After a scientific study that demonstrated that older batteries could be used by recharging them again instead of throwing them and operating as efficiently as 79%, a recent study came up with an idea for an older battery recharging project with a 100% efficiency rate, making it work for modern batteries.

This project will move the economy and the world and make a huge and successful noise in entrepreneurship, development, and recycling.

Entrepreneurs and investors must bring this idea to the market and work on it so that people benefit more and the environment and society are preserved by pollution from old battery residue.

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