Top 2022 Cryptocurrencies to Invest in

Are you new to the crypto space? Do you want to get heads up on the best cryptocurrencies to invest in in 2022? This article will guide you into knowing the best cryptocurrencies to get into in 2022. Here are the five top cryptocurrencies you should buy into.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Someone under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto created this cryptocurrency in 2009. It is the first and original cryptocurrency. 

Just like every other cryptocurrency, BTC operates on a blockchain. The blockchain is a ledger containing transactions shared across hundreds or even thousands of computer networks. 

If anyone wants to add data to the distributed ledger, such a person will have to solve a cryptographic puzzle for verification. This verification process is known as proof of work. This is the way the cryptocurrency is kept secure from scammers. 

The current Market Capitalization of BTC is $800B. In 2016, you could buy one BTC for just $500, but as of April 2022, a single BTC was worth $46,300. That is over 9000% growth. 

It shows you that BTC has very good potential in the long run. Every crypto beginner and enthusiast should buy and hold this cryptocurrency. 


When it comes to the de facto selection of the cryptocurrencies worth investing in, Ethereum stands out. Ethereum runs on a separate blockchain from bitcoin. It is called the Ethereum Blockchain. 

A lot of cryptocurrencies today run on the Ethereum blockchain. The popular class of cryptocurrencies that run on the Ethereum blockchain today are Metaverse cryptocurrencies and meme coins.

Meme coins and Metaverse Cryptocurrencies are cryptocurrencies to look at when looking out for coins and tokens to invest in today. The fact that a lot of the trending tokens and coins today run on this blockchain makes it a very good investment option. 

Ethereum has proven itself a good investment asset over the years. In 2016, the price was $10, today Ethereum is worth over $2500. That is over a 30,000% increase in 6 years. If you are in for the long term, you should consider this cryptocurrency as you want to invest in 2022. 

Binance Coin

In 2021, Binance Coin popularly called BNB price went from $38 to $683 between January and May. It had a drastic decline, then began to move in the upwards direction again. 

With its performance since 2021 and now, BNB has proven to be a stable coin. The cryptocurrency owns the biggest exchange in the world. Although Binance is a very good coin to invest in, do not forget that it can be highly volatile too. 

If you are looking for another coin to invest in, then you should think of buying and holding or trading BNB.

Solana (SOL)

A lot of people argue about the benefits and disadvantages of investing in BTC or Ether. The truth is this; the better question should be on which of the networks will take over the Defi. 

Just like BTC, Ether, and BNB, Solana is a cryptocurrency that runs on its blockchain. The blockchain is called the Solana blockchain. Solana is one of the tops on the list of the most valuable cryptocurrency, having a Market Capitalization of $42B. 

The Market Cap is just 1/10 of the Ethereum Market Cap, which means that this cryptocurrency can compete with Ethereum. Solana blockchain has a lot of advantages over the Ethereum blockchain. The major one is the low transaction fee. 

The competitive nature of this cryptocurrency tells you that it will do well in the long run, and even take over the Defi. So, it is a good choice if you are looking for a cryptocurrency to buy and hold in 2022. 

Lucky Block

One of the trending aspects of cryptocurrency is the gaming aspect. The cryptocurrency gaming industry is worth over $330 Billion. 

Lucky Block is a recent cryptocurrency gaming platform targeted to provide solutions and bring a total revolution to the cryptocurrency gaming ecosystem. The Market Capitalization of this token is over $100M

One of the major solutions that Lucky Block brings to the table is making lottery products trustworthy and transparent. The platform wants to handicap lottery operators who are middlemen using the decentralized networks of Web 3.0. 

Players of the lottery will be able to vote where charitable donations go, and it will be made visible on the blockchain network. 10% of every jackpot goes to holders of this token.

You see that it is free money for holding such a revolutionary coin. Lucky Block is currently under $1 today and it is one of the best investment cryptocurrency choices to make in 2022. 

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