Why does bitcoin fluctuate perpetually?

Bitcoin, the oldest and most valuable crypto to date, has earned many their fortune shares. But as we all know, this crypto-currency is highly volatile, and over the years, the currency has seen both troughs and peaks. A large number of crypto analysts have tried to figure out the reasons for such drastic fluctuations.

Below we have briefly explained the causes behind such fluctuations:

Crypto markets are smaller: 

Due to their small capital size compared to other investment markets, Bitcoin Currency is at risk of manipulations. Even minute changes in demand and supply can shift the investor’s sentiments, which can have a major effect on bitcoins' prices.

Liquidity is low in the case of Bitcoin: 

The market analysts have been talking about the low liquidity in the market and the risk it possesses to the stability of the bitcoin prices.

Today, exchanges need to address this problem by getting more players in the market.


Government Regulations: 

Several government bodies have tried to regulate Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies either by force or by law. Yet, Bitcoins still find it hard to make their place as any other form of monetary exchange. The absence of laws that span across nations is what makes this currency more volatile than ever.

However, despite such fluctuations, bitcoins are worthy of investing. Many investors have made a fortune out of bitcoin trading. But how can you start? The answer is simple. You can join a trading platform, but will it be any trading platform. After all, like any other investment, bitcoin has its downsides, so choosing a platform you can trust.

Why opt for Bitcoin fortress as your trading platform?

Well, Bitcoin fortress, is easy to operate automated crypto-trading platform ideally built for people from all walks of life, who may or may not be experts in trading and technology.
To get a better idea, let’s understand how this platform works. It extracts data and combines it with machine learning; then, it determines the right time to buy or sell the bitcoin.
This means everything on the platform is automated, and you just need to invest and activate your account, and the rest is taken care of by the algorithm. The fact that bitcoin is so volatile; your investment is automatically disbursed in multiple trades to give you ample opportunities to maximize your profits.
The best part of this platform is to start investing in bitcoin with a minimal investment of only $ 200 by creating an account in a few easy steps. You can deposit the money with your credit cards and directly from the bank account and retrieve your profits directly into your bank accounts at any point in time.
However, for the rendered services, the platform charges a minimal 2% commission on your profits. Also, not all the trades are profitable, and you have to be patient before you start seeing the fruit.
Over time, Bitcoin fortress has become a go-to platform for investors and has been attracting many new investors with passing the time. We advise you to sign-up as soon as possible as they have limited space.

This article written by: Debraj Chatterjee

Debraj is a Founder of Cryptonidea, Coinvouge blog Services and oversees strategic, operational, and invest Peng aspects of the company's wide-ranging digital content & digital revenue activities.

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Debraj Chatterjee


I'm a Founder of Cryptonidea, Coinvouge, CryptonBinary blog Services and oversees strategic, operational, and invest Peng aspects of the company's wide-ranging digital content & digital revenue activities.


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