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New decentralized infrastructure for cloud computing on demand for different applications starting from an early infrastructure that provides cloud computing just to privacy-friendly search engines

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New Decentralized cloud computing infrastructure


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We're building a new decentralized infrastructure that provides cloud computing on demand for different kinds of applications.

This infrastructure is divided into early and mature ones.

Early infrastructure: provides cloud computing just to privacy-friendly search engines. It's totally decentralized on the supply side has a network of "cloud computing miners" while from the demand side it's centralized because B-Datagray has the right to license through private key the infrastructure to search engines having the power to select them.

Mature infrastructure: it's an upgrade of the early one. In this case, both supply and demand are decentralized since the infrastructure it's open-source, community-owned, and community-improvable. Everyone can build their own application on top of the infrastructure, can also upgrade the blockchain itself.

B-Datagray will develop its own applications and also a Platform like an app-store where it's possible to see the different applications built on the infrastructure and choose which one to use.

The purchase of the cloud computing has to be done using our native DataGen token that at the moment will be deployed on Polygon Mainnet, but in 24 months from the launch (so when the Early infrastructure is ready) we'll shift to our native customized blockchain.

The entire ecosystem aims to democratize access to cloud computing both from the demand and supply sides. We wanna provide a service that is totally decentralized, transparent, privacy-friendly, and flexible as much as possible; in this way we really boost the Web 3.0 revolution touching the backbones of the web which are still anchored to Web 2.

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