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Cointelegraph covers fintech, blockchain and Bitcoin bringing you the latest news and analyses on the future of money.


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Blackcloud is a cryptocurrency mining venture. Our infrastructure does the computing that validates transactions on various blockchain networks such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. Each time we validate a transaction, we earn a reward paid in cryptocurrency. After the payment of operating expenses, Blackcloud distributes these cryptocoins to allow shareholders to share in the profits and gain direct exposure to cryptocurrency as an asset.



The Blocklancer platform is intended as a means to revolutionize the process of freelancing and to improve the cooperation between the freelancer and the client. It is going to solve many issues involved in the freelancing process, including but not limited to: *refusals of paying the agreed on amount of money for a project, *fake reviews and *the uncontrollable influence of a central authority figure It is our belief, that a completely self-regulatory system is the best solution for a freelancer platform such as Blocklancer. Therefore, we have created a new form of job market: The Decentralized Autonomous Job Market (DAJ for short).


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Values Collaborating with Allnodes, both on a partnership level or a customer level means believing in what we are passionate about and siding with our core values. We invite you to discover what makes us tick and what we care about the most.



BitBall Ecosystem- All in one Crypto Solution.


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Building a better Internet for people to move information freely and safely.


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Inventing solutions for the future of capital Technical problems require technical solutions. To help institutions participate securely in digital assets, we are setting a new standard for crypto finance. Anchorage is the premier digital asset platform for institutions. Founded in 2017 to meet the growing need for institutional custody that lets investors safely hold and use crypto, Anchorage has grown into a full-service financial platform and infrastructure provider for the digital asset space. Co-founders Diogo Mónica and Nathan McCauley have worked on the forefront of security engineering for more than a decade. As early Square employees, they engineered software that now secures more than 100 billion dollars in transactions annually. At Docker, they helped secure the core infrastructure used in top banks, governments, and the world’s three largest cloud providers. Today, they are leading a team of the best and brightest minds in security, finance, and distributed systems to build the future of financial services and infrastructure. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, with offices in Porto, Portugal and Sioux Falls, South Dakota, the Anchorage team is constantly growing. If you’re excited by the prospect of helping to build the future of finance, please see our Careers page.

Bitminer Factory


What mining can be | Mining Farm, Mining Equipment, Blockchain development, Hosting & Secure. BLOCKCHAIN MADE SUSTAINABLE Feeding the Blockchain Revolution with renewable Energy


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Whether you’re an industry expert or not, implementing blockchain technology — and tapping into its value — is difficult for both businesses and everyday consumers. At AIKON, we’re removing this complexity and providing real-world solutions with ORE ID and ORE Vault.



BitCEO is a great revolution in combining blockchain technology with Artificial Intelligence to support CEOs build up their powerful business network.


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Vision Revolutionize global philanthropy through technology. Mission Leverage the power of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology to create lasting social impact.


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Amon OÜ, company incorporated and operating pursuant to the laws of Estonia, with a registration number 14429089. Amon OÜ has obtained an operating license no FVT000152 from the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) to operate as a virtual currency wallet service provider and exchanging fiat to crypto, crypto to fiat, crypto to crypto.

Aeron Labs


Aeron’s ambition is to make flying safer with the latest blockchain technology. That will take experience, connections, and resources. We welcome your interest and support!


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We’re democratizing financial services for everyone using technology built with trust and inclusion. Starting in Brazil, our mobile banking platform, banQi, is making it easier and less expensive for people to access their money and build wealth. Our vision is "trust between people and institutions is the key to financial inclusion and social development" and our mission is "to democratize financial services for all people with ease, trust, and low cost using technology built with empathy and superior customer experience".

Aleph Zero Foundation


Aleph Zero is a peer-reviewed DAG-based platform that’s scalable, private, and developer-friendly. Aleph Zero is a Proof-of-Stake public blockchain with private smart contracts built from the first principles. We combined an original consensus protocol with a privacy framework based on ZK-SNARKs and sMPC with the Substrate stack.



APIS provides and consults an intuitive Blockchain service. We lower the entry boundary of Crypto-economy network and Apply Blockchain technology worldwide to build new future value.

Apollo Currency

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Apollo Fintech specializes in solutions that solve the unsolvable OUR VISION The core vision of Apollo Fintech is to design and develop solutions that far surpass what the fintech industry currently offers, and to combine those offerings into a single universal ecosystem. To maintain a significant lead in the development of government, commercial and blockchain products by aggressive R&D, utilizing the most experienced and most innovative software engineers on Earth. OUR MISSION The Apollo Fintech mission is to push the limits of what technology can offer. To exceed the highest industry capabilities and offer the safest, fastest, and most feature-rich products possible. OUR TEAM The Apollo Fintech team boasts a large number of major development accomplishments, including being the first blockchain to develop and implement true database sharding. Offering centuries of combined development experience and influential participation in 12+ Fortune 500 companies the Apollo Fintech team more than supplies the experience necessary to carry out its vision in full.


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Bleexy offers retailers a new way to access, buy and sell high-quality product data. Bleexy Protocol creates a fast, efficient and inexpensive way to build dynamic catalogs, record content provenance and secure the rights to sell and distribute user generated content. Bleexy Marketplace connects manufacturers, brands, retailers, 3rd party sellers, content providers and consumers in order to unlock a global supply of product data and to provide trusted content that can be easily embedded into existing product offerings across digital channels.


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We build base-layer blockchain technologies that enable developers to create world-class decentralized applications for their users.

300 Token

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We are 300 Token, we are Sparta! Our values are HODL, HONOR and GLORY!