How to Create a Bitcoin Address?


An address is essentially the location where a thing is or where a thing should be located. When you talk of a Bitcoin address you essentially mean a Bitcoin wallet account that a person can use to send or receive Bitcoin. We are going to run through how you can create that.

How to Create a Bitcoin Address 

A Bitcoin address is tantamount to a Bitcoin wallet because it is usually through the wallet that you will generate the bitcoin address. 

So to create a Bitcoin address first go to the appropriate website like or

Next, you should select the icon provided for the creation of an account or downloading their application on your phone or software on your laptop.

You would be asked to fill in your details, email address, and a unique password for the account you are creating, do it, and tap the appropriate icon to register/sign up.

You would be sent a confirmation email, click the link in it to finish your registration. Be sure to backup your paraphrase, you would see this on the left side of your dashboard if you are using

Secure your recovery phrase well and store it safely. Link your mobile number to your account to better secure your wallet. In your security center prevent IP addresses from gaining access to the TOR Network. 

After your wallet is set up and you have confirmed your email you can start receiving and sending Bitcoin with it. You would just have to select the appropriate icons in your wallet. 

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