Where do I Keep my Bitcoin or my Cryptocurrencies?


If you cannot keep your assets and valuables safe then there is little reason to have them because it would cost you your peace of mind and great loss. Hackers are replete on the internet and they are a big problem for the safety of Bitcoin. Knowing where to keep your bitcoin or cryptocurrencies is absolutely important and that is the aim of this learning. 

How to Keep Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies 

There are different ways to keep Cryptocurrencies, there are:

  • Digital Wallet: Cryptocurrencies are digital in nature so it makes sense that a digital wallet would be a viable way to keep Cryptocurrencies. It can be based on hardware or software. It can be on a computer or phone. Every wallet has private keys that you cannot get access to without it.
  • Another type of way to keep your cryptocurrency is by using a hardware wallet. This type of wallet is hardware like USB drives and the likes that you can physically carry and walk around with.
  • Desktop Wallet: these types can be called cold storage methods, they are not linked to the internet. 
  • Physical coins is also a way to keep Cryptocurrencies, there are companies available that would help facilitate this.
  • Paper wallet: this type of wallet is the most anonymous way of keeping your cryptocurrency. 


You can lose your valuable cryptocurrency If you don’t find a way to keep them safe. It is important that you find the method of keeping them that works best for you. Any of the methods enumerated above can help you keep your Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. 

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